Legal and technical analysis

Legal and technical analysis

The Technical and legal Due Diligence focuses on the project related technical and legal issues related to the development of renewable energy project in Bulgaria. Under the scope of this survey falls evaluation of the expected production of the renewable project, evaluation of the intended technical solution, the compliance of the electrical and grid connection design with the applicable legal framework, the needed authorisations and respective permits, the land rights of the plots.

Legal Due Diligence targets the legal and compliance risks related to the project intention – from the real estate matters, troughout the corporate aspects relating to the project companies, financing, JV’s and others up until the license and permit matrix for the project and their evaluation in respect to securing of the financing of the projects.

The legal DD also suggests analysis of the full project permit matrix, including applicable environmental procedures which are from major importance in the project development. Thiis part of the DD coveres also the review of agreements between the asset holding company (SPV) and a third parties, so that the risks of the investior in his relation with developers, EPC, OE or financing third parties are being properly analyzed.

Real Estate Due Diligence is one of the most important parts of the Legal due diligence report. Here we review any contract concluded with the aim of securing the land on which the project will be located (purchase and sale of land, superficies etc).

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